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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rank my web page on Google that fast?!

Our service has been developed after extensive testing by a team of SEO experts at the top of their field.

This service uses some little-known tricks in the Google algorithm. We amplify these tricks in a specific way to boost your web rankings.

This method has been used internally by top SEOs and affiliates in a very limited way. We are the first to bring this to market, ever. Due to the effectiveness we might limit spots and increase pricing to avoid this method becoming public.

How many keywords can I use to rank my web pages?

You simply provide us with 1 web page URL and your target GEO. We'll then boost this as best as we can.

You will usually notice ranking increases for many of its search terms.

Am I at risk for using this service?

Our short answer would be 'No'. Not a single web page we've ever worked with has seen any negative impact of our SEO service.

We can never 100% guarantee anything, but we are confident that the risk for negative effects is neglible.

We are constantly testing and reviewing our methods, and improving them based on the results. Besides this: If there would be negative effects, this service could be used by us to perform negative SEO to get rid of any competition!

So for this reason, we don't see realistic scenario's where things go bad. Also, the tactics we employ mimic a little-known Google ranking trick. It's a whitehat Google ranking factor which we optimize for. 

We do not:

- (Mass build) backlinks

- Perform blackhat tactics

- Hacking / cloaking / 301ing of pages

If you are still questioning our service, please contact us and let us know your concerns!

What does your page 1 guarantee mean?

In short we promise that your webpage you are targeting will increase it's rankings compared to it's base rankings as found before campaign start. This will happen usually within 48 hours after the campaign has been activated.

If we see no increase in rankings on any of your selected keywords, we consider the campaign to be not successful. As client satisfaction is very important to us, this means we will refund you 100% of your money.

So it's a win-win situation: Either we improve your rankings, or you get refunded.

This means that we promise your good rankings (which are highly correlated to generating more sales!).

If we don't rank you on a 30 day timeframe, simply ask for a refund using the link in the footer, and we will refund you within 10 working days!

Can you rank any page in the top Google SERPS?

We can rank any web page in the Google SERPS, no matter the level of competition. Make sure to read our requirements before placing your orde below.

What are the requirements for my order?

We've got just a few requirements:

1. Your web page is found in the top 100 of Google SERPS and is online

2. It's a organic web page URL. We don't rank pages in Google Maps packs, Google Shopping or any other form of non-organic ranking positions.

3. We don't work with any web pages which support or express strong opinions on politics, illegal products, services or activities or anything which goes against European and Dutch laws.

We have an extra charge for specific niches due to high demand in those niches. Refer to our FAQ or order checkout to see exactly which.

4. You are free to use whatever keywords to rank track on our service. However, we onlly guarantee increase in rankings for keywords with less than 2,000 monthly search volume as stated by the Google Keyword Planner. 

You simply input your web page URL(s) and preferred GEO and we'll start your order.

What can I expect?

First of all: Expect ranking increases within 24 to 48 hours after we have activated your campaign.

Due to the popularity of our service, this might take 12 to 72 hours. Each order is handled with care.

After the initial increase, you will see that your rankings will keep floating high in Google Serps, but might drop and rise a little daily. This is normal.

After your campaign has ended, usually you will see a drop in rankings in 12 to 72 hours, as we stop all our boosting on your URL.

Besides this, you can expect increased number of visitors to your web pages as soon as your campaign has started.

If my rankings failed, how soon will I get refunded?

Visit our Request Refund page in case of no noticeable increase in ranking. This rarely happens, but if it does, we ensure you will get refunded.

You have 2 options: Get money back through the same method you've paid us. Or opt for an extension of your campaign.

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